Organic Pest Control

Using natural pesticides on your farm

Organic pest control, sometimes referred to as natural pest control, is becoming a more popular practice in North America. Organic farming is the process of growing crops and livestock without the use of chemical agents, including fertilizers and pesticides. Organic pesticides are quickly becoming the norm, especially as many states enact anti-chemical spray laws regarding the production of food for human consumption.

There are many different forms of pest control, and it's now possible to run an entirely chemical-free farming operation and still keep the critters at bay. The great thing is, organic pest control doesn't have to be any more expensive or difficult than using chemical-based sprays.

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Natural Pesticides

Natural pesticides are a great way to treat any problems with insects or rodents. However, there are many other natural remedies you can use to prevent these problems in the first place. Seeding your garden or field at the right time every year can encourage growth and reduce an insect's chance of creating a home in your soil. Aerating your soil can also produce this effect, and proper watering and weeding can reduce the amount of insects you find in your crops. Finally, choosing the right plants, which will naturally grow in your weather and soil conditions, will reduce rot and keep insects away.

Homemade Organic Pesticides

Homemade organic pesticides are also great options for organic farmers. Using the products that naturally come from your farm will encourage the proper growth cycle of your crops and will reduce your need for pesticides. There are several different organic pest control recipes available online.

Something as simple as garlic can effectively reduce the number of insects you find in your fields, as can sprays made of different cooking oils, or even ground-up tomato leaves. Onion, mint and canola oil are also natural insect repellents.

When you're attempting to concoct a homemade pest repellent, research which types of natural ingredients repel which types of insects, and be sure to only use the appropriate repellent. You may also want to look into which types of natural treatments are most appropriate for your particular crops, since spraying your plants with some ingredients may affect taste or smell.