Livestock Trailer

Horse transportation and other livestock trailers

Livestock trailers can make easy work of horse transport or any kind of livestock transportation. While most farmers will use a different livestock trailer for horse transportation than they do for other animals, you will usually find a lot of similarities between a horse trailer and a cattle trailer, and they can typically be used interchangeably. However, you will find that there are many differences between trailers designed to haul certain sizes of animals. A chicken transport will be quite different from a pig, horse or cattle transport.

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Used Livestock Trailers

Shopping for used livestock trailers is a great way to save some money on what can be a fairly expensive purchase. Shopping online is an easy way to find the used trailer you're looking for. There are several sites that specialize in the buying, selling and trading of used farm machinery, and there are always the general buy-and-sell or auction sites you can search through.

When you're looking for a used trailer, shop with the animals you're going to transport in mind. While you might find a great deal on a pig trailer, you probably won't be able to safely transport your horses in it, since they need more space and sturdier footing.

Other things to look for when shopping include the quality of the trailer (watch for things like rust or wear-and-tear on any moving parts, including doors and entranceways), as well as the versatility of the trailer and the type of attachments you need for your truck or tractor in order to be able to pull the trailer.

Safe Transportation

Whether you're moving your animals a short distance or you have a long drive ahead of you, there are a couple of rules you should follow to make sure that they're safe as you travel. Make sure that your animals are well hydrated and prepared for the trip. Make frequent stops, especially on longer trips, to make sure that the animals are comfortable and not anxious. Some animals travel better than others, so if this is your first trip with the animal, take the time to check on it and see how it's faring. Also be sure that you have sufficient insurance on your vehicles, so that in case of emergency, you will have someone to turn to.