Livestock Scale

Choosing a good livestock weight scale

A livestock farmer depends on the successful growth of healthy animals. Often (except with horses), the money that will be earned by those animals is based almost entirely on weight. Even if you're not concerned about how much money per pound you will raise from an animal, keeping track of its weight is an important health indicator.

A livestock weight scale can take the guesswork out of raising your animals and taking them to market. Having your own livestock scale can help you enter the marketplace prepared, fully aware of exactly how much your particular animal is worth.

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Livestock scales come in many different models, and you should choose one that best suits your particular livestock. If you're dealing with animals too heavy to be lifted onto a scale, you should choose a model that is accurate, easy for the animal to enter and exit and provides security and a safe footing while the animal is being weighed.

Cattle Scale

A cattle scale is designed to handle the heavy weight of cattle, while at the same time providing a stress-free and safe experience for the animal. One of the most common designs looks exactly like a cattle pen, which means that your animal won't feel unfamiliar in the process. You can simply lead the cow into the pen and a weight is determined.

As is found with many horse supplies, a horse scale is slightly different than a cattle scale, although either will work for both animals. Horse scales focus on the comfort of the animal, and are often simply pads placed in a stall or a flat surface that is easy and unintimidating for the horse.

Digital Livestock Scale

A digital livestock scale is the most accurate and easy scale you can use. These scales can be combined with cattle management software to keep clear records of your animals' weights from birth to shipment. Digital livestock scales are great for ensuring accuracy, because they remove the chance of human error. A properly installed digital scale allows you to simply walk your livestock over the weight scale and the rest is done for you.