Horse Products

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Horse products and horse supplies can vary from the basics, such as horse blankets, to the big necessities, such as horse fencing. Horse equipment is often quite different from the supplies needed to care for other animals, because they tend to be raised for different reasons and require special considerations.

While the money you make from a cattle or pig farm is based on how much the animal is worth when it is sent to auction for butchering, the money earned by a horse farm is often based on the performance and appearance of the animal. That means that the supplies you're looking for are not only designed for the maintenance of the animal until it grows to a satisfactory weight, but are also concerned with maintaining the abilities and the look of the horse. Where a pig farm may only have supplies such as feed, water and cleaning, on a horse farm you will find, along with a particular horse feed, anything from horse rugs to horse shoes.

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Horse Clippers

Horse clippers are important tools in the maintenance of the look and health of a horse. Many farmers will use professional groomers to keep their horses trimmed. However, if you're comfortable with doing the work yourself, you can easily find a good pair of professional clippers or trimmers that will do the job well.

When shopping for clippers, consider things such as the type of grooming you will do. Clipping a whole animal involves a lot more than a simple trim. You may also look at how many horses you will be trimming at the same time.

Another thing you will want to look at is the power source for the clippers. Wireless clippers are incredibly handy, especially when you're working outside the barn. They also help reduce the fear factor for your horses, since there isn't so much equipment hanging around.

Horse Tack

Horse tack is the general term applied to all the equipment that is worn by a horse when it is in use. This includes all the supplies needed to ride, hitch a wagon or show a horse. Some of the most common horse tack includes saddles, bridles, stirrups, halters and reins.