Horse Feed

A guide to proper horse nutrition

The horse feed you choose for your animals can be an important key to their continued health. Whether you're looking for horse food, horse supplements or just horse treats, everything you provide for your horses contributes to their overall nutrition.

Most horses aren't particularly selective eaters, and many will eat anything you put in front of them (sometimes even if it isn't food!). On the other hand, some horses are so picky that they will starve themselves until you find the right type of food. Horse nutrition can be tricky, so it's important to work closely with your veterinarian to choose what's best for your particular animal.

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Horse Vitamins

Some horses don't get all the nutrients they need from their food, and almost every horse's diet should be supplemented with horse vitamins. There are many reasons to add horse vitamins to its regimen. While most horses are able to produce all the vitamins they need eating quality hay or grass, the addition of particular vitamins can make your horses stronger, healthier and more attractive.

The most commonly used horse vitamin is biotin, which is used to grow and thicken the hoof wall.

Make sure that any supplements you're using are specifically designed horse products. Regular vitamins that you would take yourself, or even give to other animals, may not agree with your horse's digestive system, and could cause problems in the long run. Most horse vitamins can easily be added to your animal's daily feed, although some may require occasional injections.

Horse Wormer

Horse wormer (sometimes called horse de-wormer) is a cyclical medication used to protect horses from parasites such as intestinal and heart worms. These parasites can be deadly to your animal, and it's quite easy for them to be picked up, so it's important to keep your horses on a regular schedule of treatment.

However, if your horse is already infected with worms, traditional worming preventative techniques can actually hurt them, so before you start treating your horse, check with your veterinarian. Most wormers are simply pellets that are added to your horse's daily grain feeding. A stronger paste-like medication can also be applied at regular intervals.