Livestock Supply

All about livestock equipment for the farm

When you're caring for animals on a farm, your most important tools are your livestock equipment. Whether it's something as vital as livestock feed or as simple as livestock hair clippers, the livestock supplies you use can determine the health and well-being of all your animals.

Livestock supply can vary depending on the types of animals you're working with, as well as the amount of variety you have on your farm. For example, a livestock water tank can be versatile with any number of different animals, but livestock fencing may be particular to the type of animal you're trying to contain, such as horse fencing .

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Livestock Water Tank

Livestock water tanks can vary in size, depending on the number of animals you have. The most important part of a water tank is the delivery system. Some animals are quite comfortable drinking from a water trough that is continuously kept full, while other animals will prefer to drink from a fresh run water supply that doesn't sit.

There are several things to keep in mind when it comes to providing water for your animals. You want their water supply to be clean and fresh, which means you want a delivery system that keeps animals out of the water, and also prevents other debris, such as grain, feed or waste, from getting trapped. You also want to be sure that your animals can safely access the water source, without danger of slipping or becoming trapped in any way.

Livestock Fencing

Proper livestock fencing will not only keep your animals safe and secure, it can also help you with pasture management and animal nutrition. For many animals, a simple electric fence, often made up of only one or two wires, is enough to keep the livestock contained. However, when installing your fencing, you may also want to think about the comfort of the animals and the look of the fence.

Taller fences are important for animals that have the ability to jump, while sturdier fencing is important for animals that tend to use anything in their path as a scratching post.