Irrigation Pump

All about irrigation water pumps

An irrigation pump is the most important element of your irrigation system, because it provides the power used to push the water through the system. Without a pump, your water will remain still, which would defeat the purpose.

Irrigation pumps come in many different shapes, styles and sizes, and the one that you choose will depend on the type of system you have installed and the condition of your land. Most water irrigation pumps work using push pressure, by pushing water through tubes and pipes to spread it around your fields. However, there are some pumps that work by using a pull system, sucking water through the tubes, rather than forcing it through.

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Diesel Irrigation Pumps

There are a number of different ways to run an irrigation water pump, but the most commonly used is the diesel irrigation pump. Many different types of farm machinery are run by diesel fuel, so it's quite a convenient way to power your pump. Many farmers keep a stocked diesel pump on their farms, so you will never have to worry about running out of fuel to keep your irrigation system running.

Electric irrigation pumps are also quite common, but many large-scale operations will find that the cost to power these pumps is quite high. Farm diesel fuel can typically be purchased cheaper than commercial diesel fuel.

Submersible Irrigation Pumps

Submersible irrigation pumps can be completely immersed in water and typically will provide more power and water pressure than other water pumps. It's easier to keep water pressure stabilized with a submersible pump because the flow of water is more constant. Submersible pumps are especially handy for rural dwellers because they can be placed inside a well and used to run any kind of water system, such as sprinklers and showers.

With the installation of any irrigation pump, you should keep safety in mind. Keep the pump in a safe enclosure so that children and animals aren't tempted to play with it. Always have fire safety equipment handy in case of a short.