Drip Irrigation

Installing drip irrigation systems

Drip irrigation systems are more popular than underground irrigation systems simply because they are less expensive, more flexible and easily adjustable to changing needs. Drip irrigation involves the direction of water and moisture to different areas in your fields using a system of pipes and sprinklers, or emitters. Drip irrigation design depends heavily on the types of crops you're working with and the moisture levels of the land. It's best to have an irrigation drip professional assess what you're working with before you decide on any one particular design, since the wrong design can not only reduce the efficiency of the system, but may actually damage your crops.

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Drip Irrigation Kits

The easiest way to set up your irrigation system is to purchase a drip irrigation kit. After you've had your land assessed and you're aware of where you need more (or less) water, you can easily pick up a kit that offers all the materials you need.

Keep in mind that your irrigation needs will be completely specific to your crops and your area. Consider the area you need to cover (which will determine how much irrigation tubing you will use), what types of crops you're working with (which will determine any additional supplies you may require) and how automated you want the process to be.

Some drip irrigation kits can set you up to be completely automated, using sensors to determine when moisture needs to be added to any one particular area. These systems can be a little more expensive because they involve additional parts and equipment, however, the ease of use well makes up for the additional cost.

Drip Irrigation Supplies

Even if you purchase a kit, you may need additional drip irrigation supplies. Because your irrigation system has to be personalized, you can never be guaranteed that any kit will have every piece you need for your particular situation. You may be able to purchase a build-your-own drip irrigation kit that allows you to pick and choose between available parts and options, in order to completely customize the supplies you're purchasing. Another option is to buy a kit, and then simply purchase any extras that may be needed.