Manure Spreader

Getting a good fertilizer spreader for your crops

Manure spreaders, sometimes also called fertilizer spreaders, can help you make the most of the land available to you, which can only benefit your crops. A manure spreader is used to distribute manure over your fields or gardens as fertilizer.

There are several different types of manure spreaders available, and you can choose one that suits your needs based on the amount of land you're fertilizing, the type of land you're fertilizing, the form of fertilizer you're using and the machinery you have available to operate the manure spreader.

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Fertilizers are important to your agricultural products because they help crops grow faster and larger. Using manure as a fertilizer is environmentally and economically friendly.

Manure Forks

A manure fork is a handy tool for any farmer with livestock, especially if you plan on using the manure as fertilizer. The right fork can make light work of even the largest livestock loads. Sometimes called a pitchfork, a manure fork is a simple, hand-held tool that allows you to gather and move manure around, and is quite useful for loading your manure spreader.

Liquid Manure Spreaders

Liquid manure spreaders are favored by farmers with large operations because they can easily cover large areas of land with fertilizer. Some elements to consider when choosing a liquid manure spreader include its size and versatility, the type of tractor needed to draw the spreader, and the spreader material (some materials are more resistant to sticking). Since you will only be spreading manure typically twice a year, a spreader that can also double as a farm wagon is more useful.

The price of a manure spreader can vary depending on the size, type and age of the spreader. A compact manure spreader is great for smaller gardens or fields, and can often be run by an ATV. These smaller spreaders are relatively inexpensive, even brand new, but if you're facing hundreds of acres, or if you have a lot of manure to spread around, they will cost you a lot of time.

A used manure spreader will cost you significantly less than a new manure spreader, but you have to make sure that all moving parts are in proper working condition and that the floor of the spreader hasn't rotted out.