Hay Baler

Round hay balers or square hay balers – which is best for you?

For farmers who work with hay, a baler can be the most important piece of equipment on the farm. Balers are versatile and can be used with any number of different tractors, for any size of farm. Whether you have 2 acres to clear or you're looking at 2,000 acres, choosing the right baler can help lighten your workload.

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When looking for a hay baler, you have two choices: you can go with square balers or round hay balers. Throw in a tractor to pull the baler, some baler twine to keep the bales sturdy and a wagon to collect the hay, and you have everything you need to make the work a little easier.

Round Hay Balers

A round baler is best for farmers who have a lot of land to cover, or who need large amounts of hay. Round bales can weigh upwards of 2,000 pounds and are useful when you want to store your hay throughout the year. Farmers started using round bales because they can better protect against moisture and can be used to feed many animals at one time.

Because of the size and weight of round bales, it's important to pay attention to safety when you're using a round baler. Read all safety warnings and operation manuals before taking the baler out into the field. It's especially important to make sure that you steer clear of all moving parts and pay attention to the bales themselves. Round bales, while heavy, can have a tendency to roll around when they're not on flat ground and can crush even the quickest-moving farmer.

Square Hay Balers

Square bales are easier to handle than round bales, and are more suitable for smaller farm operations. Square bales are lighter, and transporting them can be done by hand. However, because they aren't wrapped in the same way as round bales, they are more prone to moisture damage, including mold.

Even though the product that comes from a square hay baler is smaller and lighter, it is still very important to pay attention to safety. A person can still be crushed underneath a square bale if it falls, and the square hay baler is just as dangerous as its round counterpart.