Dumping Hopper

Using a dumping hopper on your farm

A dumping hopper is a versatile and useful piece of farm machinery that can perform several jobs. A hopper can be used for any job that requires transporting large amounts of product or feed. Sometimes called a feeder (since the most common use is transporting, storing and dumping grain to feed livestock) hoppers can transport just about anything.

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Hoppers aren't just useful on the farm, either. Gardeners, landscapers and construction workers can all take advantage of a hopper to transport debris, topsoil or other construction materials where trucks can't go. You can get hoppers small enough to attach to an ATV or forklift, which makes them quite flexible in their use. Plus, you can easily detach the hopper from your tractor or ATV, leave it on the worksite until it's full, and reattach it to move it later.

Choosing the Right Dumping Hopper

The type of dumping hopper you need will depend on the job you expect it to do, and the farm machinery or tractors you have to move it with. Some buying considerations include the size of the hopper, its materials and whether or not it's a self-dumping hopper.

The material of the hopper is especially important because some materials are more prone to sticking than others. Also, while most hoppers don't require a liner, you may find that particular materials necessitate the use of some kind of protection, such as a bag liner, in order to keep the hopper in good shape for years to come.

Self-Dumping Hoppers

Self-dumping hoppers take the convenience of a hopper and add the element of automatic dumping. This allows you even more flexibility since you don't need any manpower to unload the hopper. Most self-dumping hoppers are designed to be used with forklifts or other tractors, which can pick the hopper up when it's full. Once the hopper is in the air, the operator pushes a button and the lid is released.

Many self-dumping hoppers also automatically return to a closed-lid position after dumping, so you don't have to worry about checking to make sure everything is secure before returning your hopper to use.