Get digging with the right shovel equipment

Shovels are found on just about every farm in North America. One of the most versatile tools around, a shovel can help you with almost any task, from feeding your animals to building a fence.

There are several different types of shovels, all designed with a particular job in mind. A gardener, or anyone working the land, should invest in a spade shovel. These shovels have a sharper head and are better equipped to cut through dirt and debris when digging. Combined with a landscape rake, a spade shovel helps make light work of all your planting.

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You could also use a folding shovel, for easier portability. A folding shovel can typically collapse in on itself to become less than half its full size, which helps when you need to store it behind your tractor seat or when you're carrying it.

Shovel Head and Shovel Handles

Shovels are used for many different jobs, so it's easy to wear them down or even break them. But most shovels are designed with a separate shovel head and shovel handle, so that you don't have to go out and replace the whole thing when something goes wrong.

Most shovel heads need to be replaced simply because of wear. The sharper your shovel head, the more efficient it is at cutting through debris, so when you find that you have to push a lot harder while digging, you know it's time to replace the head. Shovel handles can be broken, but they can also be replaced simply because you find them uncomfortable. There are different materials and different shapes and sizes of handles available, so there's no reason to suffer with a shovel handle that doesn't suit you or the job you're doing.

Safe Shoveling

Shoveling can be tough on your body, so when you're facing a shoveling job, remember some simple safety precautions. Always warm up before any physical exertion, or you may find yourself with stretched or torn muscles. Make sure to take breaks and keep yourself hydrated to avoid exhaustion or sunstroke. If you're working with other people, be aware of their location so that you don't risk injuring anyone, should you be swinging the shovel.