Landscape Rake

Which landscape rakes do you need?

Depending on the type of farming you do, you may find that you need several different landscape rakes. However, for most farmers, one landscape rake will do. You can use a landscape rake for many different jobs around the farm, from keeping your lawns looking nice to working your hay field. One of the most versatile tools is the ATV landscape rake, which can be quickly hooked up to your four-wheeler and used in any area that your ATV can go.

Landscape rakes, sometimes called estate rakes, are often used for large landscaping jobs because they're able to work through almost any type of debris, including sand and rock. When you're choosing a landscape rake, you should always think first of the job you're doing. Some rakes are designed with a particular use in mind, and won't be appropriate for other jobs. You also want to take into consideration the area of land that needs to be raked, so that you get a rake that can do the job in a reasonable amount of time. You certainly don't want to be stuck hand-raking a hundred acres!

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Brush Rakes

A brush rake has large teeth attached to a rake bar that can be installed on any number of vehicles, including ATVs, skid steers, tractors and even some trucks. Brush rakes are used for large cleanup jobs where you're going to be picking up brush and other natural debris such as tree limbs and even grass.

Hay Rakes

A hay rake is a little different than a landscape or brush rake because it's designed to carefully collect hay or straw into rows called windrows, where it will sit and dry before its baled. The rake is also used to flip the windrows before baling, to ensure that both sides of the hay are completely dry. It's vital that your hay is dry before you bale it and store it in the barn, or else you risk mold growing inside your bales.

Hay rakes are generally larger than other rakes and attach directly to your tractor. However, there are smaller rakes available that may be attached to a team of animals, a small tractor or ATV, or even worked by hand.