Farm Implements

Get the best agricultural tools for your farm

The right agricultural tools are vital to the successful survival of your farm. Whether you're a livestock or an agricultural farmer, using the right farm tools in all your daily chores—from feeding your animals with a shovel to maintaining your barn with a hay elevator—can save you time and money. Many of today's farm tools are completely automated, which will save your back a lot of wear and tear! However, at the same time, some of the most basic tasks found on the farm don't allow you the leisure of automated tools and have to be done by hand.

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Farming Tools

Farming tools come in all shapes and sizes, from hand tools such as pitchforks and shovels to machinery such as tractors and planters worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. When you're shopping for the tools to stock your own farm, take into consideration the types of jobs you will be doing most often.

Many farm tools can be rented at reasonable prices if you find that you don't need them very often. There are also many farmers who can be hired to complete a chore for you if you find that you're lacking the right equipment. This is especially true for seasonal chores, such as snow removal or hay baling.

However, if you have a job that needs to be done on a regular basis, renting or hiring will end up costing you a fortune over time, so it would be wise to invest in the proper tools.


A scythe was one of the first widely used farm implements. Although it has now been almost completely replaced by automated processes that complete the job much faster, a scythe was once to key to mowing grass and harvesting crops. On today's farm, a scythe can still be a very useful tool. Invest in a scythe if you have a lot of delicate grass cutting to complete. The scythe is an accurate tool that can be used in small spaces, and since it's operated by hand, you can complete more custom jobs with it than with an automated mower.