Pole Barn

How to build a pole barn

Pole barns are basic farm buildings most commonly used as driving sheds to provide minimal coverage for farm machinery in geographic regions that don't suffer from extreme weather. A typical pole barn building is just a roof suspended by several poles. It's easy to learn how to build a pole barn, and you can purchase pole barn plans and pole barn kits to make the process even simpler. Many farmers choose to pour a cement pad as a base for the pole barn, although it's not necessary to do so, as it is for metal barns.

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Pole Barn Construction

Pole barn construction is simple and, depending on the size of the barn, usually requires only a couple of people to complete.

Choosing a location is the most important step in building a pole barn. Pick a spot that is flat and will allow water to drain only away from, and not toward, the building.

Digging the post holes will be the most labor-intensive part of the job. Don't forget to get a building permit, if needed, before you begin! Make sure the holes are deep enough and spaced evenly. Pour a concrete base into the post holes so that the poles will be sturdy. Install the poles; they should be far enough into the ground to provide good support, but not so deep that your building has insufficient height. Confirm that the posts are straight, parallel and secure before you move on.

Finally, install the roof trusses and nail down your roof. Most pole barns feature a tin or other metal roof that is easy to install and even easier to maintain.

Pole Barn Packages

There are few materials involved in building a pole barn, but working with pole barn packages will make the process even easier. Pole barn packages typically include a building plan, as well as detailed instructions on how to install the building. The package will also include all the poles you need (they may be metal or wood), roof trusses, roofing material and all the screws and bolts you will need to keep your building sturdy and protect your tiller, hay baler or other equipment.