Metal Barns

How to build, repair or improve your metal barn

Metal barns are quickly gaining popularity with farmers in North America because they are easy to build and even easier to maintain. You can pick up metal barn kits for almost any size of farm building, and the final result is a versatile, easy-to-use space that can hold livestock, crops or farm machinery. Depending on the size of your metal barn building, you can usually have one built in a couple of days.

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Whether you're looking to build structures for livestock, like a metal horse barn, or for storage, like metal hay barns, all you have to do is pour a cement pad to provide a base for the building and, using the barn kit, attach the metal sheets to supporting brackets. If you're constructing a large building, you will probably need some assistance, but the smaller buildings may be installed by one person. Be aware of the differences between the types of metal buildings when you're building a barn, since metal pole barns are usually significantly different from metal siding barns, and require different considerations.

Metal Barn Siding

Even if you already have a traditional wooden barn, you can install metal barn siding in order to repair any damage or wear on the building, or to simply reinforce the barn against the elements.

The benefits of metal barn siding include added protection against weathering and aging, easy cleaning and maintenance, and a lower cost than trying to replace your original boards with new wood.

If you don't like the look of metal, or want your barn to look more like a traditional farm building, you can either paint the siding the color of your choice or go with a more expensive pre-painted metal barn siding kit.

Metal Barn Roof

A metal barn roof is the most common type of barn roofing in North America. Metal has been used for centuries as a reliable, durable and easy-to-maintain roofing material. Today, metal roofs are even becoming popular with homeowners, since they last so much longer than a wood or shingled roof.

Maintenance of a metal barn roof is easy and simply requires that you keep an eye on any spots vulnerable to rust (typically at the seams). Make sure rust is quickly treated and painted over to prevent your roof from rotting, and you should see it remain strong for decades to come.

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