Horse Barn

How to build a horse barn

Renting a horse barn, or even horse stalls, can be incredibly expensive. And it can be difficult to maintain your animals if you don't have the right space to keep them on your farm. The easiest solution is to build your own horse barns. Today's horse barns don't have to be outrageously expensive to build, and you can easily pick up horse barn plans at your local farm building retailer.

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Building a horse barn is a little more costly than your typical farm storage building or pole barn. Horses have particular needs that make them more high-maintenance than other farm animals. Along with your horse barn, you may consider constructing other buildings that are useful if you own horses, such as a riding ring.

Horse Stables for Healthy Horses

Building your horse stables properly can save you a lot of money in the long run, when you look at things such as maintenance, expansion and even vet bills. Providing the right barn is as essential as providing the right horse feed: it can keep your horses healthy and happy, reduces the overall cost of maintaining the horses and makes you a responsible animal owner.

Location is a very important factor when building your horse barn. Healthy horses live in barns that are dry and well-ventilated. You should consider the lay of the land and how water will drain around and from the barn. You should also consider wind patterns, since you want your barn to have good air circulation without having too much wind.

You can easily control air circulation by designing your walls and windows with wind patterns in mind. For example, a barn in a blustery area may benefit from having many working windows that can be opened or closed depending on the weather.

Horse Stall Flooring

One of the most important elements of your barn will be your horse stall flooring. The flooring is important to the health of your animals: it needs to be sturdy, easy to walk on and easy to maintain.

In order to protect your horses' foot health, the stall flooring should have a little give so that the animals aren't walking on a hard surface that can damage their feet. Drainage is also important so that the bedding and waste that accumulates in the stall can easily be removed.

For the comfort of everyone in the barn, you want a floor that is resistant to odors, but that also provides good traction for you and your animals.