How to build a greenhouse

Building a greenhouse can quickly add extra space on your farm or property for growing crops and plants that are sensitive to weather conditions. While most operations won't house a lot of their crops in a greenhouse, this type of smaller farm building can make your gardening more enjoyable and allow you to grow plants and vegetables that aren't able to withstand your local climate.

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As gardening continues to grow in popularity, people who don't have the same type of access to land as a farmer does are able to purchase greenhouse kits that allow them to build a mini greenhouse, or even a portable greenhouse.

Making a Greenhouse Plan

The best greenhouse plan is based on what plants you want to grow. This will determine the size of the greenhouse you need, as well as the types of materials you should purchase. A startup gardener should try and think big, since it's always easier to work toward filling up a large space than it is to try and expand a smaller space.

When you're building your greenhouse, focus carefully on its generation of heat and moisture, which is, of course, the main purpose of a greenhouse. The area you're growing in, including the amount of sunlight available, the average temperatures and the soil conditions, will factor into determining what material you should use to build your greenhouse.

If you're interested in building a "greener" greenhouse, forgo purchasing a new greenhouse kit and use recycled material, such as old windows or even cardboard boxes, instead. As long as you have a firm grasp on how to work the heat and moisture of a greenhouse, including taking into consideration things such as access to direct sunlight and efficient irrigation systems, you can easily build a cute little agricultural building of your own, even in the middle of the city. A quick search online offers tons of do-it-yourself tips and examples from gardeners just like you.

The Greenhouse-Window Alternative

For gardeners with absolutely no space (think apartment or townhouse dwellers), there is always the option of a greenhouse window. A greenhouse window is the smallest greenhouse kit you can get, and it can be easily installed around any window or sliding door. Sometimes also called a windowsill greenhouse, these small buildings can vary in size depending on the amount of available window space.